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GandaWin Magazine, the flagship media outlet of Icarus Media.


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Average Conversion Rate


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Traffic Generated

Icarus Media, has been leading the way for 9.5 years as Myanmar’s top women-focused media outlet. Our transformative lifestyle content empowers women to live fitter, smarter, and more holistically empowered lives.

Women Empowerment
Since 2013

GandaWin is a major force in
Myanmar to empower & modernize
the way of thinking and lifestyle for
women in Myanmar.

Pioneers in positive Social Change

GandaWin is growing rapidly all over
the country making positive impacts
on peopleʼs personal and
professional lives

Powerful Contents

GandaWin has expertise in creating
timeless and relevant contents to our
target audience. Put it this way, we
have saved lives through our mental
health contents.

Lifestyle Companion

GandaWin gives out a lot of information on financial literacy, digital literacy, relationship tips, health, beauty, career and lifestyle tips, and many more that can be useful in day-to-day lives.

GandaWin’s Story:

At GandaWin Magazine, our story began in 2013, during a pivotal moment in Myanmar’s history—the transition to democracy. Recognizing the need for information democratization after years of censorship and restrictions, we set out to provide accessible, high-quality content that would empower individuals at all levels of society.

In a media landscape dominated by news and entertainment outlets, we saw an opportunity to make a difference by providing information that can help people to stay well-informed in their daily chocies and decision. We chose to focus on a specific niche market: women. We believed that by working together with women as catalysts for change, we could bring about social transformation in our community.

Thus, GandaWin Magazine was born—a social-first women empowerment media outlet dedicated to providing valuable insights on relationships, parenting, digital literacy, personal finance, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, career advice, and more. We aim to equip individuals with the knowledge needed to make informed choices and lead fulfilling lives.

Our mission extended beyond social impact. We recognized that women are a powerful force in the global market, influencing 70-80% of all consumer purchasing decisions. By engaging with our loyal readership of modern women in Myanmar, we not only promoted gender equality but also created financial sustainability for our media outlet.

Women in Myanmar serve as primary caregivers and gatekeepers of household expenses, making them pivotal decision-makers for their families and extended networks. Furthermore, their influence extends beyond their own purchases, as they share their experiences and recommendations with friends and family.

By partnering with GandaWin, brands can tap into the vast reach and influence of modern Myanmar women, amplifying their brand visibility and exponentially increasing business growth. We provide a gateway to this influential market, enabling brands to connect with women who are eager to discover and endorse quality products and lifestyles. 

Starting from humble beginnings, after a few years, GandaWin rose to become the foremost voice of women empowerment in Myanmar. With a reach of 12 million people, we unlock the potential of modern Myanmar women, drive impactful change, and co-create a thriving society.

How GandaWin got into Publishing?

In 2015, we ventured into the publishing world with a bold move. Introducing the GandaWin Color Series, a collection of 18 timeless booklets, bookmarks, and cups. This unique package has captivated readers and resulted in impressive sales. It showcases our dedication to delivering captivating content that withstands the test of time.


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