Let’s dive into some exciting success stories! We’ve tackled core challenges for our clients, unlocking their brand potential and smashing performance goals along the way.

Shan Shwe Taung Grows Laphet Market Share to 80%

Icarus Media provided SST with communication strategy, reputation management, digital marketing and social media management to grow customer base and social engagements and spur rapid expansion of market share for its mainstream products.

Generation of Healing Reaches 1.7 Million

Crisis fatigue in Myanmar has led to deterioration of population mental health. GandaWin team talked to 250 people and came up with Generation of Healing, a fivefold wellbeing program that makes mental wellbeing tools accessible for Myanmar people. 

Paline reaches 6 Million Premium Audience Segment

carus Media provided Paline with market segmentation, brand positioning and audience development through initiatives such as, farm-to-table campaign and Laphet as an innovative ingredient in daily recipes. 

ERGO ORiX increases sales 180% in 8 months

Ergo OrIx is a premium quality ergonomic furniture which struggled with market penetration. Icarus media consulted them on Growth Strategy which included Ergo education campaigns to boost sales, Influencer marketing strategy to reach right market segment and social media management.

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