ERGO ORiX increases sales 180% in 8 months

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Ergo OrIx is a premium quality ergonomic furniture which struggled with market penetration. Icarus media consulted them on Growth Strategy which included Ergo education campaigns to boost sales, Influencer marketing strategy to reach right market segment and social media management.

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Who Is Ergo ORiX?


Ergo-Orix is a furniture company that specialises in designing ergonomic furniture suitable for children’s growing bodies. The products are thoughtfully crafted to provide health benefits and can be adjusted to accommodate the changing needs of young users.

Challenges We Resolved

When Ergo-ORiX came into Myanmar market in 2019, local consumers had zero knowledge of ergonomic furnitures for children and it’s long term health benefits. Therefore, complaints  about pricing high in number and product enquiries were all. time low. 


What we delivered

Success Stories

Ergo Education Boosts Sales

During COVID-19, we promoted the health benefits of proper ergonomic postures for children studying from home. WFH parents, empathising with long hours of sitting, recognised the need to invest in their children’s health. This campaign increased both product enquiries and sales.

This campaign achieved the following outcomes.

  • Established Ergo-Orix as a brand that can be trusted
  • Increased awareness of ergonomic furnitures for children
  • It contrasted benefit of investing VS the cost of not investing 
  • Statistically, it increased enquiry by 300%
  • Increased the furniture sales by 200%


Influencer Collaboration

Erogo-Orix collaborated with a list of carefully selected influencer moms like Endra Kyaw Zin and JuJue Pying. Their audience base were middle and upper-middle class parents willing to invest for the wellbeing of their children. A market segment which is a perfect match for the Ergo-Orix brand.

Influencer collaboration achieved the following outcomes

  • Ergo-Orix brand awareness improved 90% more than usual month on month figures
  • Ergo-Orix established the brand among the right market segment of parents with spending power
  • Sales enquiry and customer engagement grew by 230%

Developing Easy Purchase Solutions

Ergo-Orix partnered with a local bank to create 6-month interest-free payment plans, enabling customers to make buying decisions more conveniently through instalment options.

This campaign is estimated to attracted many middle class parents who understand the necessity of investing for their children’s wellbeing. Results and measurement are still in progress.

The Results

  • Ergo Education Boosts Sales: Ergonomics education campaign increased enquiry by 300% and the sales went up by 200%.
  • Consumer Engagement: Due the the successful campaigns like “Ergonomic Education”, “Cost of Not Investing in Ergonomic Furnitures”, “Health Benefits of Right Ergonomics”, “Influencer Collaboration”, all positively contributed to the month on month uplift in the consumer engagement. These are reflected in growing enquiries & sales figures.
  • Segmentation & Growth: Due to the right choices of influencer mothers for the ‘Influencer Collaboration’ program, Ergo-Orix captured the middle and upper middle class parents who has spending power for their children’s long term health benefits. 

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