Paline reaches 6 Million Premium Audience Segment

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Icarus Media provided Paline with market segmentation, brand positioning and audience development through initiatives such as, farm-to-table campaign and Laphet as an innovative ingredient in daily recipes. 

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Who Is Paline Orgainc Laphet?

Paline Organic Laphet

Paline, a premium addition product-line by Myanmar Tea Leaf, aimed to establish a strong presence in the organic Laphet market. They sought to highlight the versatility of their fermented tea leaves and transition from the budget market to the luxury segment. To achieve these goals, Paline partnered with Icarus Media, for our  innovative campaigns.

Challenges We Resolved

Paline is a pioneer brand to introduce the concept of organic and health conscious premium Laphet to Myanmar market. A great product that was struggling to reach the right audience and penetrate the right market segment. 

What We Delivered

Prep With Laphet

Prep with Laphet‘ campaign is a strategic effort evangelise organic laphet in premium market. Introducing Laphet as a versatile ingredient to cook some easy, tasty and instagram worthy meals. 


Success Stories

Paline's Laphet Revolution

Paline set out on an epic journey to re-define laphet consumption with Paline, an organic premium brand. The core objective to de-couple lappet with assorted beans. And pairing Laphet with nuts or using it as an ingredient in the kitchen for example to marinate meat, incorporating it into healthy salad bowls, or promoting it as a flavourful dip for snacks.

Prep with Laphet‘ campaign was born. We worked with Ko Thit Htoo, Myanmar Chef Table judge, to develop 12 recipes people can easily make with Laphet as an ingredient.

  • The passion and dedication of Icarus Media and Ko Thit Htoo reflected on carefully crafted recipes which were easy to follow, enticing to look and tasted great to eat.
  • Great visuals were developed to accompany with the campaign for all 12 recipes.
  • The collaboration between Paline and Icarus Media bore remarkable fruit. The 12 groundbreaking laphet recipes reached an astounding 6 million individuals worldwide, sparking curiosity and excitement.
  • Users engaged with the content passionately, resulting in 1 million interactions, igniting a viral buzz around the organic marvel that was once perceived as ordinary.

Beyond the impressive numbers, the campaign accomplished its primary objective – to redefine laphet’s identity. Paline emerged as a trailblazer of health-conscious innovation, inspiring a new generation to embrace the extraordinary potential of this under-appreciated ingredient.

The success of this creative partnership between Paline and Icarus Media surpassed expectations. Through innovation, ingenuity, and a passion for culinary artistry, laphet emerged as a symbol of organic marvel, reshaping brand perception and captivating the hearts and minds of millions. Paline’s journey with Icarus Media serves as a testament to the potential of embracing creativity and innovation to unlock hidden possibilities, leaving a lasting impact on the culinary world.

Establishing Authority of Founders

Paline is the first organic tea leaf brand in Myanmar. In order to legitimise the expertise of the founders, we designed a campaign, “Meet the founder”, around Laphet information sharing with the founder Ko Myo Win Aung and Ma Khin Ye’ Yupar Aye. 

  • The founders took our audience in a journey of making organic laphet. 
  • Shared their expertise in turning a small family business into a sustainable national brand.
  • They talked about the international events they have been representing Myanmar Laphet.

This campaign was a major success. It had an aggregate of 24 million views. 

The Results

  • Market Segmentation: We attracted health conscious, cooking savvy users with our ‘Cook with Laphet’ campaign. 
  • Organic Friendly Audience: By capturing the right audience network, we managed to reduce customer complaint about the product. And created a movement of innovative health conscious foodies who loved organic laphet like Paline. 
  • Sales Growth: By capturing the right audience for Paline, we managed to increase product enquiry and decrease customer complaints. Exact figures still on measuring stage when we parted our ways with Paline. 🙂 

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