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Key services

Icarus Media provided SST with communication strategy, reputation management, digital marketing and social media management to grow customer base and social engagments and spur rapid expension of market share for it’s mainstream products.

By the end of our tenure, SST rose to an influential position in the market justified by KPIs  below:

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Social Media Reach

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Social Engagement

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Increase In Distribution

Who Is Shan Shwe Taung?

Shan Shwe Taung

Shan Shwe Taung, a fermented-tea-leaf wholesaler, grew from a small market player in 1984 to dominating 80% of Myanmar’s market by the 2000s. Icarus Media served the second generation entrepreneurs from 2016 to 2021. 

Challenges We Resolved

When we first started working with Shan Shwe Taung SST, they were going through a big reputation crisis due to fake news spread online about the alleged food hygiene issues in their production process.

What We Delivered

Success Stories

Thin Thin Mwe Saga

In 2020, Laphet products had high demand in Myanmar’s growing market economy. Shu Shae, a budget laphet package, dominated with 80% market share. A competitor, Thin Thin Mwe, copied Shu Shae and promoted the counterfeit brand with influential celebrities. This caused confusion among consumers and affected SST sales and customer satisfaction.

In order to restore the pristine glory of original SST Shu Shae product, Icarus Media consulted 

  • to create packaging with a tagline ‘Mu La Pathama‘ meaning ‘Original first product’. We educated SST consumers about this tagline on SST packages via six month campaigns. 
  • produce TV commercials about the “Mula Pathama” as TV is still very popular in rural areas. We handled the project end-to-end from conception – production to delivery. 
  • Ran many month-long online engagement campaigns to evangalise ‘Mu La Pathama’ ‘Original first product’ trademark on packaging so the audience chose the right product off the shelf

Legal battles are still waging and counterfiet brands are still lurking in the consumer market but  SST has successfully managed to re-capture it’s worthy 80% market share within months. Strengthened product packaging and the engaged customers were icing on the cake of this Thin Thin Mwe saga.


Disinfomation & Conflict Management

Due to fake information claiming poor hygiene in production process, Shan Shwe Taung brand image was unfairly damaged. Unfortunately it went viral and the brand reputation came to a critical situation. In order to salvage the brand from nemesis, we did the following actions:

  • We captured production process and made it transparent to SST consumers. 
  • On every encounter with fake news, our team of expert social media managers engaged with audiences to educate about the production process.
  • We actively educated our users about the care and attention SST was putting into the production of it’s laphet packages. 
  • The story of the laphet farmers, the story of the factory workers, the story of our passionate founders worked like a charm to give SST products a human touch and shift the perspective of the consumers on positive spectrum.
  • We made the users part of the story as SST started its journey towards ISO certification

Market Expension & Hacking Growth

Hacking growth requires thinking outside the box. And solving problems that hinder the product growth. 

  1. As a first step, we defined customer segments and brand persona for SST. This gave us a clear focus on our online and offline initiatives. 
  2. Secondly, we developed year long value based campaigns that aligned with the user behaviour and seasonal events. 
  3. Third step, we created high quality images that effectively represented the products for social, TVC and offline campaigns. 

The above steps were crucial in running successful campaign like Valentine’s Day, Sharing is Caring campaign. Couples were encouraged to submit their photos of sharing SST laphet to strengthen the traditional social values associated to laphet. This campaign brought a whooping XX million impressions, xxx engagement. 

Other yearlong campaigns like Laphet in Your Life, lifestyle updates campaigns created a community of SST laphet fans for urban and rural societies. Our customers sharing their photos of how SST laphet fit into their daily life was a window of opportunity for SST to innovate their product lines. This helped with both online customer engagements and offline market expansion. Which led to SST securing 80% of mainstream market share by it’s Shue Shae product alone.


The Results

  • Market Dominance: Due to the clever audience segmentation and relatable social campaigns, Shan Shwe Taung grew it’s mainstream laphet market share to 80% of Myanmar’s market.
  • Reputation Management: After careful management of Thin Thin Mwe Saga and Food Hygiene Disinformation issues, SST has grown to be an authentic, reliable brand in the market. Due to the transparency of it’s process and passion for innovation by the founders, reputation of SST is ever so high among the consumers.
  • Segmentation & Growth: A clear market segmentation of SST’s products and it’s consumer base has resulted in 
    • Annual social media reach of 12.9 million.
    • 4 million social engagements.
    • Owning 80% market share for Shu Shae laphet product
  • Strengthened Brand Identity: After the Thin Thin Mwe Saga, Shan Shwe Taung is now well known as the original creator of “Shu Shae” laphet. The SST products are easier to identify in the market and less vulnerable to the counterfeit products.
  • Postitive engagment with consumers: Due to the transparency in production process and meticulously planned education campaigns, 
    • consumer complaints have gone down by 95% and
    • the product enquiries have gone up by 1000%. 

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